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5 Products for Spring

It's been such a great week with all of the sunshine and spring vibes. I started my week with a good healthy trim and root touch up, and as I grabbed for my products I realized I now had different needs than I did a month ago. My winter routine involved a lot of oils for the dry static season, but going into spring I'm ready for a lighter feel with less time spent in front of the mirror. Here are my go to favorite fast & fresh products for spring. Scent is super important to me and I love to change things up seasonally for how I wear my scents. Thayer's Rosewater Toner. I am a big fan of the witch hazel toner's from this company. They never over-dry my skin and always leave me feeling fresh and so clean. The rosewater has extra benefits such as soothing redness & irritation, but it also has hydrating properties. This is a great extra light way to add that into your routine. Spinster Sisters Lavender Body Butter

I spend a lot of time in the spring repotting plants, gardening, cooking breads, crafting. It is the time when I really dig in and create, and it does quite a number on my hands. This stuff is heavy enough to do the work, but light enough where I don't feel greasy. I love the light lavender scent, it is super fresh and light.

Zum Oatmeal and Lavender Bar If you're looking for a little extra exfoliation, this bar is amazing! It's just the right kind of light abrasiveness to help exfoliate without discomfort. It has such a light floral and fresh scent that leaves you feeling so clean and refreshed every time you step out of the shower. It's definitely worth the grab next time you're at the store.

Pureology Color Fanatic Leave-In Conditioner

This has such a wonderful light scent with subtle notes of jasmine. It's delicate and light and does not leave the hair feeling weighed down or oily in any sort of form. It's a great quick step to do after the shower to add some extra moisture and protection to your hair before air or heat drying.

Amika Hydro Rush Moisture Magnet Hydration Wash + Care Set

Not only does this shampoo have the amazingly beautiful Amika Signiture scent, it is so moisturizing for your scalp. You can find the full haircare set for this line on Amika's amazon page for an amazing deal right now as well. These bottles usually last me about 3-4 months and they're worth every penny. You'll notice a difference in your hair immediately. You already shower and wash your hair, so this is an easy thing to switch up without having to change anything to your routine. What are your favorite scents for spring? Have you noticed your needs change as the seasons do? Drop me a comment on what your new needs are this spring, and we will find you the perfect product to tend to your specific needs. Have a beautiful week



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