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Slowing down to catch up

Most people hit January hard with their list of goals, but I decided to do exactly the opposite this year. It's going a lot better than one might think. I started chipping away a lot of the bad behaviors and things that waste my time. Leaving behind all of the things I don't want to carry with me while I do the work for my new goals.

I'm feeling energized and ready to start making my new goals & putting them into action. Most of my personal goals center around taking better care of my health, and being more creative. I am very excited to share that adventure with you as I attempt new things for the first time, and old things once more in a new way. Hoping everyone is as excited as I am for Spring. My challenge for you is to come up with 5 Personal Goals to work on this year. Learning a new skill, reading that book, taking that trip, write it out, plan it, say it, manifest it.



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