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What to Wear to your Hair Appointment

So it's finally here, the day you've been looking forward to for the last few weeks- your hair maintenance appointment! I often get asked what state your hair should be in before you come into the suite. I always say the same thing, as long as it's dry, I don't care if it's clean or dirty! What really matters is what you're wearing when you get it done. Why on earth would it matter what you're wearing? Because when it's all wrapped up, I want you to look in the mirror and have a senses of familiarity. This doesn't mean you need to dress up at all, I love wearing my sweats when I'm off and I fully encourage you dress for comfort! So what am I even getting at? Color

Wear a color that you wear often. I'm talking to you my goth babes who are always in black. This is not the day to switch to a beige sweater, or a bright pink tank top and cardigan. Dress how you would most often dress, whether that's in patterns, black, or neutrals, dress the most you that you can.

Hoodies & Turtlenecks

Avoid wearing anything bulky on your neck. This pushes your hair up to a level it wouldn't normally rest at and can leave for an uneven perimeter on your haircut. It's also way more likely to get a color spill on anything bulky around your neck-line.

Photo Friendly

Lastly, make sure your shirts are photo friendly. Look for something you're comfortable being photographed in. I think large graphic T's are my favorite type of shirt to see in my hair photos. Your outfit doesn't have to be fancy to be as cool as you already are.

Sentimental & Favorite shirts

Avoid wearing your favorite shirts to get your hair color done. I am as careful as I can be, but if you're a wiggler, there's always a chance that you may get a little color on your clothing. (And while toner's don't last forever, they unfortunately don't come out of our clothing super easily.)

Dress Comfortably, and dress like YOU and you'll be in the perfect state and frame of mind to go freshen up & relax.

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