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Plant Shed


Get to Know Me

Mary Lukowski-Mitchell

My Mission behind The Moon + Marvel is to create a comforting, empathetic, safe space to nurture your most authentic self. I love listening to music and chatting, and if you just want to put on your favorite show & zone out, or hook up to wi-fi and get some work done, that's always welcome in the suite!​


In my free time you'll often find me with my husband and two beautiful children, in the kitchen baking & cooking, and exploring. I have a huge passion for foods and I love to cook.  

I love to watch Comedy, have an extremely eclectic taste in music. I am fascinated by Tarot and love to draw cards with friends.  I enjoy being outside the most when I base it around a yoga session or spending time in my garden.  

I've met some of the most amazing people working behind the chair. I truly value those relationships more than I can put into words. Can't wait to meet you, Welcome in!

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